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Gandhi in Ahmadabad GalleryGandhi returned to India from South Africa (where he had resided for 21 years) on 9 January 1915. On the 1 February 1915 he arrived in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. For the next 15 years Ahmedabad was used as his base for much of the Indian freedom struggle. He left Ahmedabad on the 12 March 1930 on the famous Dandi Salt March.

This gallery consists of 50 hand drawn panels that depict the major events in Gandhi's life that occured while he was in Ahmedabad (1915 - 1930).

Mainly: the establishment of Kochrab Ashram; the Mill Workers and Owners Dispute; the Champaran Movement; the establishment of the Gujarat Vidyapith; the Swadeshi Movement; the Dandi Salt more…etc

These exhibits are organized chronologically in a question and answer format and serve to give you deeper understanding of the roots of Gandhi’s Satyagraha movement.